Back to work!

The holidays are over and it is high time to climb back into the saddle. Looking at the weather (cold wind and swirling leaves, a low grey sky and drizzly rain) I want to gallop back to the sun and the warmth but no, there’s work to be done.
Most important right now is the November 1 launch of our boxset!

bxs_t1Pearl Harbor and more is a collection of eight stories, each written by a different author, all set in different places, about different characters but all linked together by that same tremendous event: the attack on Pearl Harbor. Just to give you an idea what the stories are about: here are the contents:

Deadly Liberty – R.V. Doon
The List – Vanessa Couchman
Christmas Eve in the City of Dreams – Alexa Kang
Allies After All – Dianne Ascroft
Time to Go – Margaret Tanner
Turning Point – Marion Kummerow
I am an American – Robyn Hobusch Echols
A Rude Awakening – Robert A. Kingsley

As a truly intercontinental team, we worked hard to make the boxset an attractive and rewarding reading experience. But there’s more:  for a limited period we offer you the opportunity of receiving a FREE COPY (in mobi, e-pub or .pdf format) And if you liked what you read, we would appreciate to have your comments published as an Advance Reader Comment on Amazon, preferably as close to November 1 as possible!
Interested? Just contact me and I’ll send you the link!


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