Amsterdam – first promise of spring


Darkness slowly falls and the old part of Amsterdam ignites its lights and puts on its most alluring face for a quiet night under a clear sky. Smells of delicious food are carried on the wings of a balmy wind from the south that brings the first promise of spring.  The age old buildings look benevolently down on lovers strolling by hand in hand, whispering sweet nothings to each other, embraced by the shadows of this timeless, precious, priceless place…


Old Amsterdam – in Winter

When I say “…the Magical City of Amsterdam…”. it is because I can remember images like this one, etched forever in my memory. The crisp, freezing cold, the tang of coal and wood smoke in the air and all sounds muffled as if the city itself is awed by the majesty  of this blanket of snow that has turned even the ugliest places into a fairy-tale.

The “Brouwersgracht” in the winter of 1952