The Odyssey’s New Cover

“The Java Gold” Book One re-published

The cover of a book is extremely important. It has to be an “eye-catcher”, an interest arouser, that guides the reader’s hand to the shelf to take the book down…
Daniela Colleo has managed to do this as she re-vamped the cover of “The Odyssey”

Thank you Daniela for your time and inspiration!
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A Proud Author!


Our Boxset was launched on November 1 and the reception has been heart warming! The editorial reviews are wonderful and very flattering. And they are matched by the customer reviews now coming in!
I am particularly proud of this reader comment:

Amazing how eight authors from different parts of the world and different perspectives could give the readers a recount of the impact of that horrendous day when Pearl Harbour was attacked.
The stories that appealed to me were:

“A Rude Awakening” by Robert Kingsley. I’ve read “The Java Gold” which I thoroughly enjoyed, and looking forward to reading more of his books. His style of writing creates a feeling of actually being there. A real page turner, fascinated by the plot, and wanting to know more.

“I am an American” by Robyn Hobousch. I was fascinated by the plot, and would be interested in reading more about the treatment of American Japanese.

“Allies After All” by Dianne Ascroft. Very well written and easy to read. Also fascinated by the plot and waiting to know the outcome of the relationship between the American and Irish acquaintances.

“The List” by Vanessa Couchman. Good plot and also well written. Easy to read and would be interested in reading more of her writings.

The above noted were my favourites, but I must say that they were all enjoyable reads which made this a good anthology experience.


The thrill of competition

Who of you, fellow authors, has ever entered a novel in a writers competition?

If you have done so, you must have had the same experiences: the strain of waiting for a  reaction, the thrill of reaching the semi-finals… and the nerve-testing wait for the finals.
I am proud to say The Java Gold Book One – “The odyssey” made it into the semi-finals of the Adventure Writers Competition, an annual contest organized by the Clive Cussler Foundation.


From a large number of submissions, it was chosen as one of the top 10 and was in the race for the top three but did not reach it, after several rounds of tie-breaking votes.
Still I am proud that my first submission to such a contest has reached such a high ranking and motivates me to continue with the series